Marshall J. Field Has the Resources to Finance Any Real Estate Project

August 24, 2018
Marshall J. Field

Marshall J. Field and his firm, the Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group are always on the lookout for new projects and investment opportunities and they are successful in that pursuit. That means they are uniquely . However, they can assist with virtually any kind of deal, including those involving partnerships, sourcing and redevelopment. They can also assist with underwriting, deal with contract negotiations, and they are more than capable of dealing with all asset classes. Marshall J. Field can assist with it all.

It is his background that makes Marshall J. Field a very experienced advisor, and a great partner to have in any real estate transaction. He is capable of making deals in virtually every area of commercial real estate and he has a demonstrated ability to help any client company put together a deal that shapes and/or improves their bottom line. The network of capital relationships he has built over the past decade or so has become very diverse because that is just how he operates.